Celebrating a hattrick of team successes: promotion, new starter and a first-class degree

Team IMGeospatial was treated to a summer boat trip recently to celebrate three team successes: Michele Slade’s recent promotion to operations manager, new starter Bram Williams joining as a junior software engineer and his achieving a first-class degree in computer sciences.

The trip cast off from Bray Marina taking in sights of the River Thames through Bray and Windsor, mooring for lunch near Cliveden House.

Alexis Hannah Smith, founder and CEO of IMGeospatial, said: “The team do such a phenomenal job with incredibly clever things like designing best in class algorithms and keeping high level projects on track, I’m very pleased that everyone was able to log off, unplug and recharge for an afternoon. There are fifteen of us here now and I advocate everyone on the team knowing that it’s important to rest and play as well as work hard.”

Alexis continues, “IMGeospatial brings a multi-faceted mindset to every problem we solve, bridging the gap between science and the real world.  We are a collective of tech entrepreneurs, data programmers, earth scientists, sector specialists, business strategists, product managers, and savvy marketers.  Each an expert in our own right, together we form a hive mind of ideas that spawns innovative technology, develops commercial solutions, and creates meaningful impact for our clients and for society.”

The IMGeospatial team is as diverse in identity as skill set, bringing to the team a mix of gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. This diversity brings more to the table than just an inclusive environment, it ensures that technology is designed, platforms are built, business is planned, and capabilities are marketed with an open and inclusive approach, without the dangerous, exclusionary biases seen in artificial intelligence and technology today.

IMGeospatial is currently recruiting for a C++ and Linux software engineer, click here to apply: https://www.imgeospatial.com/careers

Posted: July 31, 2019


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