IMGeospatial: ESA-funded Project set for Takeoff

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Grant awarded to fund a fully automated pipeline whilst effecting positive societal change

In February 2019 IMGeospatial embarks upon a major ESA funded project: Scaling AIMEE, our Automatic Intelligent Multi-feature Extraction Engine for Countrywide/Continental Deployment, in partnership with Affinity Water, Anglian Water and the World Bank.

The objective of this project is to develop a fully-automated data pipeline, through which we will provide customers and users with a genuinely game-changing opportunity to access actionable business intelligence that is available in weeks not months or longer, which can be renewed in either 3, 6 or 12-month cycles, and represents savings in both time and expenditure of up to 60% compared to current survey methods.

Further, customers will benefit from IMG’s technical development philosophy that facilitates a modular, bespoke approach, providing solutions to each individual company’s needs and wants every step of the way from initial request to delivery of data – automatically.

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Currently available methods of surveying an AOI to extract actionable business intelligence

Current semi-automatic methods of extracting features and their attributes from within an area of interest (AOI), on which to base actionable business intelligence, are slow because they must rely upon standard machine learning for calibration. This process uses ‘training datasets’ – massive amounts of data that must be manually sourced and then processed before the system’s outputs can be quality assured. Even then, these methods can only provide an incomplete picture of features in the AOI.

For higher quality data, optical satellite and aerial imagery must be analysed manually by highly-skilled and experienced analysts using the human eye. Whilst this does allow for some extraction of features, it is hugely time-consuming and expensive. Such surveys are typically performed at 5 to 10-year cycles, making them instantly obsolete when something in the AOI changes, such as a construction project or road building. This leaves the customer without reliable tools with which to support critical business decisions.

When completed, this project will give IMGeospatial a vital edge as no competitor can currently provide resilient intelligence that accurately reflects up-to-date features in a landscape.

Watch out for case studies based on this exciting project throughout 2019.

Posted: February 4, 2019


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