IMGeospatial launch automated products to facilitate demand in new sectors

We’re really excited by the progress our development team has made in recent months, so much so that we’ve decided to launch some new products and update our website to showcase what we do.

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Automated Business Intelligence

As some of you already know, IMGeospatial provides Automated Business Intelligence to a wide range of industry and commercial sectors, and we’ve recently revamped our website to reflect the recent developments in our products.

IMGeospatial’s Automated Business Intelligence is provided through a suite of unique products: Land Use Classification, Structure Classification and Rebuild Calculator, being just 3 examples of the powerful tools we provide. Cost-efficiencies through scalability and speed of data generation are the value propositions we offer our customers which, in turn, allows them to make their own systems significantly more efficient and provide excellent return on investment.

IMGeospatial YouTube Channel

There are case studies from recent projects and videos of CEO Alexis Hannah Smith at the 2017 and 2018 +ENGAGE events, giving keynote speeches explaining the powerful combination of our products and DigitalGlobe’s GBDX platform.

IMGeospatial CEO at ENGAGE

AI Holdings Limited, IMG AI Limited, Clever Clogs IP Ltd.

All this activity has brought about a restructuring of the IMGeospatial brand, with the formation of 2 new companies: AI Holdings Limited and IMG AI Limited, both working within the brand alongside Clever Clogs IP Ltd to facilitate our shift up to fully operational status. The majority of our past activity has been in R&D but we’re now raring to go, joining the heavy-hitters and causing some serious disruption along the way.

To enable our customers to use the fully automated data pipeline, our talented team is beta testing our brand-new portal, getting it ready for integration into our main site. Once this is up and running there’ll be no stopping us as we scale AIMEE’s outputs to process data at country, and indeed global levels. We’re on our way.

Posted: July 26, 2018


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