IMGeospatial partners with Soarizon in Albania

Democratising land ownership with drone-captured data and AI

SOARIZON by Thales and IMGeospatial recently joined forces in an open innovation project to develop a service to aid in the creation of land cadastre with drone-captured data and AI.

A land cadastre is an official register showing formal ownership and boundaries of land in a country. Each country is divided up into cadastral parcels, of which there are around six billion in the world.

In developing countries or regions many of these cadastral parcels remain unregistered or informally registered. This is particularly true when it comes to land owned by women. In many parts of the world women simply do not have rights or access to legally claim land which is rightfully theirs.

This holds back both economic growth and gender equality within these nations, as the process of correcting land registration can be a long and costly process.

Many organisations around the world are working to address this, with the Stand for Her Land campaign launched by the World Bank and others in 2019, with ambitious aims over the next decade.

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SOARIZON by Thales and IMGeospatial

Posted: August 24, 2020


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