IMGeospatial’s Dr Corrie and AIMEE hAQUAthon ’17

We sent Dr. Robert Corrie along to this year’s hAQUAthon event held at Catapult Future Cities Clerkenwell, armed with a stack of datasets to see what participants thought of AIMEE, our Automatic Intelligent Multi-feature Extraction Engine. Here’s what he found….

AIMEE hAQUAthon ’17

“Based on the Hackathon or ‘Data Hack’ concept, hAQUAthon 2017 brought together a range of organisationsthroughout the water industry to collaborate with data science and analytics experts to drive innovation through a fun, informal event. It’s run by DecisionLab UK in conjunction with their strategic partners: Innovate UK, Artesia Consulting and Exeter University. Participants were brought together to work in small groups to brainstorm innovative ideas, solutions and new product concept demos to solve challenges in the water industry. So, a fun, engaging event with a serious purpose- I was looking forward to it. A total of 12 teams competed in the event from South East Water, Affinity Water, students and a professor from Oxford University and others.”

“IMG’s contribution were datasets for other participants to use, namely DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2 base map imagery at a spatial resolution of 50 cm, some vector layers including land use classifications, land parcel spatial data and a derived permeability layer. It was good to see what other industry professionals made of it all, with a lot of surprised and enthusiastic reactions to the accuracy of the results and which features AIMEE had extracted, along with their attributes.”

IMG Grass

“I showed them how AIMEE had extracted seven land use classifications from the imagery, and presented the spatial data outputs. To finish, a bit of black magic performed by our Permeability Index product demonstrated how AIMEE derived soil permeability from the WorldView-2 imagery.All seemed suitably impressed, and even more so when I explained AIMEE does all this with no human intervention whatsoever. Feed the data in, and 15 minutes later, out come the results.

All teams incorporated “smart metering” technology into their presentations, helping to modernise infrastructure and manage water usage more effectively. First prize went to Team Smarticus for their solution for better leakage detection, with runner up prizes going to South East Water and Team Mercury.

All in all a great way to spend a day- sharing technology and expertise with like-minded individuals all focused on driving innovation whilst having a bit of fun. What’s not to love?”

Dr. Robert Corrie

Posted: September 5, 2017


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