Independent validation of unsupervised feature extraction

Isle Utilities independently double-validates IMGeospatial’s AIMEE at over 90% accuracy

We’ve spoken previously about how happy we were that our validation guru Dr. Marcus Travers was able to confirm the results of our demo project in Newmarket for Anglian Water a couple of months ago.

Well, we thought it’d be a good idea to have someone undertake an independent validation study of AIMEE, its place in the market and the feedback from customers through the evaluation of two case studies. We chose Isle Utilities, a specialist strategic technology and innovation consultancy who are highly respected in the water sector.

Isle have independently reviewed AIMEE, undertaken a brief review of competitors in the field and how AIMEE compares to our competitor’s offerings. We just received an interim report and we’d like to share some of Isle’s findings with you before the full report is published in September 2017.

Firstly, Isle were struck by AIMEE’s ability to handle massive amounts of EO image data automatically, and how our QA routines help improve our products:

“AIMEE can automatically extract specified features from satellite and aerial imagery, with high accuracy. This includes height and shape with feature attributes. The Quality Assurance and internal validation process followed is robust, with any identified errors interrogated for causes and feedback to the developers to ensure continual improvement. Machine learning techniques within AIMEE also allows continuous improvements in accuracy.”

Isle also looked at the offerings of some of our competitors, commenting:

 “The main focus of this company is the time saving in comparison with field work; they state that using their solution for 100km2 will give take a ‘few weeks’ compared to six months for field work. The speed at which large areas can be covered therefore puts IMGeospatial ahead of the other companies.”

The report continued about others in the sector:

“The closest competitor to IMGeospatial provides satellite data analytics using proprietary algorithms for leakage detection, land use, diffuse pollution risk and other aspects. However, one key difference appears to be the greater detail that AIMEE can achieve and the resulting numerous potential uses in data.”

With our products aimed at not only water but other utilities, insurance and NGOs, we’re confident we’ll build our portfolio of case studies to cover the broad spectrum of organisations who find AIMEE to be a distinct cut above the competition…

If you’d like a copy of the full report or would like to know how we can save your organisation over 30% by subscribing to our actionable business intelligence service then please mail us at

Posted: August 17, 2017


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